Frog on my Forehead Allison Investigates
There is a frog on my forehead!  How did it get there? You decide! Frog in a Tree



Using 26 different animals and places on the body, take a fantastic journey through the alphabet - and the human anatomy - with animals as your tour guides.

Appealing to children both young and old, "There's a Frog on my Forehead" leads readers on a fanciful excursion through fun facts about the human body. The silly examples of alliteration help the animals guide you on your travels through the alphabet.

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   Emily the Astronaut

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Meet Allison Brown Swiss Cow


She is curious and full of questions. Her dad likes to make her think, and always tells her that chocolate milk comes from brown cows. One morning, she sets off on an investigation to discover the truth for herself. Filled with cows, farms, and fun, this book helps readers to discover how milk gets from cows to you.

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